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The drum is a dear companion and allows ut to travel todrum circles, courses, holidays and forest trips with our drums without them bein in danger of getting broken along the way. Being able to transport and store the drum safely while traveling is important, and we want to give the drum the best protection it can get.


These drum bags are very robust, comfortable to carry, both as a bag and as a backpack and have durable fabric. It has two pockets. One on the inside and a larger bag on the outside. It has two shoulder straps which allows you to carry it as a back pack and a long strap so that you can carry it on one shoulder. Of course it also has a handle so that you can carry it in your hand.


Inside the top, bottom and in the walls of the bag, there is a 2 cm foam wall which gives your drum excellent protection in addition to being supert light.


The bag:

  • Is made of water-repellent and durable Oxford fabric
  • Has a protective foam in the lid and extra thick protection in the bottom
  • Comes with inner pocket for stick or other accessories
  • Has shoulder straps so it can be worn as a backpack
  • Is solid and provides good protection


The bags comes in colour Grey with blue colours on the inside.


Farge : Grå (Oxford 1200)