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Hand drum made of Deer and Ash frame is a very powerful and versatile drum that is made with an eye for quality. The 18" Deer drum has a distinct and poweful voice that you can feel as much as you can hear it. It is the perfect combination between size and sound without being a heavy drum.
Deer is a thicker hide than the others, and therefore weighs a little more. We recognize the sound of the deer drum from the North American ceremony drums which has a somewhat harder and robust sound.


The 16" Deer drum is robust and can withstand being played a lot. Its an ideal drum to take on a trip. It is magical to sit around a fire under the open sky when the Deer drun announces its arrival.


Read more about how the drums follow the weather HERE.

Because it has an integrated tuning system, within seconds you can tune the drum to be brighter or deeper as desired. This makes the drum unique and very well suited to Nordic climates because it solves the usual challenges faced by leather drums; humidity and temperature.


Listen to an example HERE.

The handle is comfortable to hold and is shaped like a cross, symbolizing the four directions, better known as the indigenous medicine wheel. You can also choose to add a leather handle, which makes the grip very comfortable to hold.


These beautiful lifelike drumsticks are light, easy to hold and are well balanced for easy hitting on the drum. They come in many different shapes and colors. Just the way nature wants it.

Decorative kit:
Give your drum a beautiful touch with beautiful feathers, beads and leather laces. In the package you get beads in different sizes, small and large feathers, and eather cord (blue, brown, white or green depending on stock).

Leather handle:
Beautiful and nut-brown laces of nappa leather from Deer are wrapped around the four directions of the handle. Firstly, this gives a very beautiful handle that is soft and comfortable to hold, especially if you play for longer periods of time. In addition, it also provides an aesthetically pleasing center for the drum's four directions. Design, shape and colors may vary from the images.

The animals from which the skin comes live in the open and are felled in the open, mainly for food.

Deer 18" Medicine drum