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  • How do I take care of my drum?
    The drums are made with natural material. This means that they are sensitive to the elements, especially heat and humidity. In short; heat makes the skin tighten and humidity makes the skin loose. This isnt necessarily a bad this, as you might like the voice of you drum when its tighter, or looser? However, not being careful with this can ruin your drum. A rule of thumbs is to never let your drum be exposed to hear without supervision. If its exposed to heat for too long, the skin can tighten itself to the point where it cracks. This can happen if: * The drum is left in the car on a hot summer day * The drum hangs on a wall under a heat pump or over an oven/fireplace * The drum is left in the sun * The drum is exposed to very dry air over a period of days/weeks. Please read more about this topic and get specific tips on how to take care of your drum, so that it will last a lifetime here.
  • Which drum is right for me?
    Regardless of which frame size or materials you choose for your drum building kit, you will receive materials of the highest quality that are hand picked for drum building. Before you make your purchase there are a few things you can consider in order to get a drum that resonates with you. If the sound of the drum is what you feel is the most important then starting by selecting the frame size is a good place to begin. Of course, a larger frame will also weigh a bit more, so its wise to take this into consideration. Especially if you are planning to move while you are drumming or do long lasting drum journeying. You may want to make the drum with a particular animal, since you feel a connection to that animal. This can be because you have worked with that animal before, it might be your spirit animal, or the animal might possess particular qualities that you need more of in your life. All of which a valid reasons for choosing a particular animal.
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