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My name is Axel, and I am a 37 year old family man from Skien, Norway. I have been involved in music professionally for 22 years and run a lifestyle coaching company.


Since my early childhood, nature, indigenous peoples and their knowledge have been of great interest to me. This path of exploration led me deep into the heart of the Amazon, where I learned about and experienced traditional medicine and healing first hand. I have tremendous gratitude for my respected mentors and traditional healers who have strengthened me and my practical spiritual tools and approach.


We humans have a very close and deep relationship with music, and I have come to know it as the first language of the human soul. Tens of thousands of years ago, people from different cultures spread across different continents began to realize that certain instruments had a deeper function. The vibration and rhythm of instruments such as the rattle and especially the drum, could help access greater wisdom and healing.


Learning to master the drum can help open the veil surrounding our world and provide insight into what lies beyond. Today, the drum and the rattle are widely used in many different practices for vibrational healing, meditative practices for personal insight and growth, and community connection via drum circles. In our family, drums are used weekly. 


The discoveries of our ancestors, their wisdom, and my personal experiences have given me great respect for these instruments. When I create drums and rattles, I am always very present in my process with a clear intention and prayer that they will be meaningful and powerful tools for those who end up owning them.

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