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Making your en drum with your own hands is a wonderful way to form a deep understanding and bond with your drum. When we make the drum we travel back to an ancient ritual that is carried out with the deepest respect and gratitude.


Included in this package is all the material you will need, including the step-by-step process of building the drum, where I will "hold your hand" along the way. I show you everything from how we wrap the drum skin around the frame, thread the laces, and finally tie a handle in honor of the 4 directions. Together we will walk the road to your new drum, which you can enjoy for many years to come.


Included in the package you will receive:

* Drum frame made from Ash

* Drum skin
* Leather or synthetic lacing to tie the drum

* Air hose that allows you to tune the drum
* Stick, wool filling, deerskin and waxed thread for the drum stick

Accompanying videos:
* Instructions for making the drum
* How to find your first drum song

* How to play the drum

* Storage, transport and maintenance

* Initiation of the drum

Decorating the drum is a joyful way to give the drum its own distinctive character and identity. When buying a decoration kit you get:

* Video of how I decorate the drum

* Feather

* Pearls
* Leather lacing (2 pcs)


Which drum is right for you?

There are a few things that influence which drum we want to make. Which size, and which skins you want, are some of the few things you can choose from to make your drum.
Feel free to read THIS blog post about the effect of the frame size and the qualities of the rails to get a guide on which drum material is right for you.

Drum building kit