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Have no words, the sound and vibration is just absolutely great. Has drummed for a long time today - it has so many denominations and feels unconditionally positive, safe and happy in the energy. It also goes deep into the roots - buries me. It was so strange, but I have wanted to order a drum for a long time, from one in the north, another in Sweden a few years ago, but it was this drum I was waiting for. Proper healing for me to have this in my hands. I just say thank you so much, Axel, for getting this particular drum.

- Sissel, Norway


With an integrated tuning system, you will get the exact sound that you want!

50 cm med søm og stikke

My name is Axel, and I am a family man from Skien, Norway. Since early childhood, nature, indigenous peoples and their knowledge have been something that has interested me to a great extent. "Urtromme" means ancient drum, and this site is dedicated to the instruments and tools that have become a big part of me.

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