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Erika gagnon

Walking the red road

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My name is Axel, and I am a family man from Norway. Since early childhood, nature, indigenous peoples and their knowledge have been something that has occupied me to a great extent. This page is dedicated to the instruments and tools, which have become a big part of me.


Let us help you find what your looking for. You are also more than welcome to join our community, 


Drum building

The drum building kit contains everything you need to make your own drum. The materials is of the highest quality, and is carefully selected to inshure that you get a beautiful and powerful drum that will stay with you for years to come. 

Instructional videos are included.

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Drum bag

Most of us agree that there is no better place to drum than in nature. 


The drum bag is ment for you who want to bring your drum to retreats, the forrest, drum circles etc. Its tailored with robust padding that will protect your drum against accidents, weather and temperatur, without compromising on comfort. 

Made to order

The drum is an amazing tool for achieving calmness, mindfullness and to open up the veil between the mind and a deeper consciousness. 

The materials and animal has an effect on the qualities of the drum. To make a drum is a deep and meaningful ritual for me, and I always do my very best for make sure you feel that in your first encounter with your drum. 



The circle is a symbol for eternity, wholeness, but also community and equality. 

To be part of a circle with other people that share our interest and passion gives us a community where we can share, learn and grow together. By getting access to other peoples experiences and knowledge, we make ourselves better equipped to empower both ourselves and others through timeless wisdom. 


Latest intervjue

Through the ages we have gathers around the fire, under the starry sky and shared our life experiences with our tribe. Together vi explored ideas and learned from each other. Our elders told their valuable stories of wisdom so that we would find guidance toward living a resourceful and meaningful life.

In this talk I'm joined with Erika Gagnon

who is a plant medicine healer, who travels the world to bring healing to people. She is considered a wisdom keeper of several shamanic disciplines and is a powerful voice for the preservation of our mother earth. Hear her incredible story and how her life took an 180 degree turn after a serious car accident which started what would end up being a life dedicated to the Red Road.

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